“All my life I have had a passion for art. In 1994, I began painting in watercolor and enjoy the color variations, freedom of structure and transparent tendencies. As my focus, I attempt to make still, silent objects come alive and dance across the paper. Simple beauty of natural forms is my expressive goal. I continue to search for inspiring images that are sensual or unique in shape and rich in color – Noël”

Noël Stubblefield is an artist who has a strong passion for art. She began painting in watercolor as early as 1994 and thoroughly enjoys the color variations, freedom of structure, and transparent tendencies the medium provides. Currently, she works with a range of art forms and artistic styles, including but not limited to oil painting, mixed media, photography, and giclée prints.

As an artist, her ultimate goal is to show her unconditional appreciation of the simple beauty of natural forms. She remains committed to the relentless pursuit of inspiring images with unique and striking visual elements.