Custom Lanyards for Schools and Universities


Custom Lanyards are often seen used for Universities and other educational institution purposes. They are an affordable way for institutions to get the word out about their facility during school orientations, outreach functions and community events. They also are a great attribute to any institution’s marketing event and they are easily indispensable. Representatives can hand them out accompanying fliers easily. Many students who take part in community outreach prefer using lanyards because it is an easily indispensable item that says it all. Customizing them to reflect the school colors and branding gives their purpose more professionalism and rather than explaining who they represent the lanyard explains it all.

They are also becoming essential to other student activities. They are used for facility clubs and groups to reach out to the student body and gather student interest in their club or group. Many institutions have special clubs and groups in which students can participate in for additional credits or extracurricular activities. Customized lanyards may be an attribute to the group’s welcome package or handed out to gain recognition as an established group. Badge lanyards are a great asset for students looking to build a support network to their cause. Students who are running for the student body can also use them in their campaign for the student office. This is an easy way for students to become known to the school population. Custom lanyards can also be used as an incentive for collecting data. When students are competing for signatures to a cause or taking surveys they can hand them out as an incentive for participation. You may be surprised about how many people will react to the freebie!

There are plenty of functions within educational facilities that are discreetly for members only. Having a member’s accompany an ID is the perfect way of distributing your memberships and leaving a lasting impression. Dances and other high profile student functions often use lanyards in limited quantities to permit entrance into these specialized events. It’s an excellent way of keeping track of members or sign ups in a fashionable and inexpensive way.

A lot of youth today use custom lanyards in a variety of ways. From holding ID cards to adding those to their keys and many students will actually seek out free to add to their collection. They are fashionable and serve multiple uses and can make a stylish impression on backpacks and handbags. Students will also hang the custom lanyard on their rear view mirror in their car, showing their school spirit and reflecting their own causes. The marketing that comes along with customization is a must for any University or college club and it doesn’t stop there! Every time someone sees your logo on a custom lanyard you are gaining the attention and interest you need.