Decor lighting


When remodeling and decorating your home, we usually look for furniture, paintings, carpets and decorative items such as photos & corner cabinets. However, lighting can make a big difference if you did it properly & delightfully as lighting is responsible for mood or atmosphere into any living space. With a careful selection about design, type & color of lighting, the room can be given a different atmosphere. The right lighting can set a mood, enhance productivity and give a sense of well-being. Bright rooms give a feeling that is positive and optimistic, while on the other hand, the rooms with darker lighting tends to be more intimate and romantic. In short we can say that, light can make a big difference in how we feel.

Good lighting design will not make you frustrated in the kitchen when you are not able to see what you do, and it will stop the arguments in the bedroom over whose turn it is to up for passage of light. Instead, you should be able to transform a room a bright, vibrant living space to setting a romantic dinner for two.  Natural light is sunlight passing through windows and doors. The direct sunlight is a good source of light, but the brightness and intensity is highly variable.

The time of day, season and weather all have an influence on the natural sunlight. To control the amount of natural light, the different types of glass or curtains can be used. The scattering and reflection are great ways to control this source of light available. A good idea is to find the wall that has received the form of direct sunlight and paint in a bright color. The reflected light creates an atmosphere in the room. The wall surface, controls the light scattering, rough surfaces have different effects than smooth surfaces.

With some ideas for lighting design, you can change the visible appearance of a room and make it look larger or smaller.  Standing lamps and table lamps work great for specific purposes and only brighten an area of the room. Rooms with high ceilings can get a cozier radiance using lighting that is below the ceiling. The light should not escape beyond the height of the source.

Use a shade that directs light downward. In the other direction, using the lighting is on the rise in the ceiling, the rooms seem higher. Lighting is equally important as interior color or style of furniture and accessories.

When you’re choosing a design for your home, lighting should also be one of the priorities. Click here to learn more about choosing the best lighting and decoration for your next house design.