The art of design – Top 10 designers of 21st Century

Fashionolia takes a look at the top 10 fashion designers of the 21st century, who do you think will be crowned No.1? Dolce and Gabanna? Jean-Paul Gaultier?…read on to find out.


Even though Luella is no longer creating clothes after financial difficulties her designs will be remembered forever. Worn by celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Zooey Deschanel, and Beth Ditto Luella is a mixture of floral fabrics and fun feminine styling. If you’re wearing a bow in your hair right now, that trend was started by Luella on the catwalk back in 2008. Just letting you know…



If it’s clean simple lines that you’re looking for then look no further than Celine. Catwalk trends started from the designer are camel coats and wide-leg trousers to name a few. Celine creates collection after collection that speaks to the working woman who likes to look good without compromising on comfort. Masculine tailoring is a key style to any Celine collection. Celebrities who love Celine include Kate Bosworth, Kylie, and Blake Lively. A key look for s/s11 for Celine is the tan leather top.


Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has been on the fashion scene for over three decades now and is still creating clothes that people aspire to wear. The label captures all that is America, preppy, sporty, and classic. Ralph himself is the all-American father and looks towards time periods such as the great recession for inspiration for his collections. Jeans are of course a staple as is the white classic shirt for women. The polo player has become a symbol of RL and is instantly recognizable across the globe. Celebrities who love to wear Ralph Lauren include Kanye West, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Christina Aguilera.



Gothic and glamour are two of the key characteristics of a Givenchy outfit. The French label is extremely popular with celebrities gracing the red carpet, including Zoe Saldana, Liv Tyler, and Natalie Portman. Givenchy makes no apologies for over-the-top designs, such as floor-length black lace, sheer to show the naked body underneath, or the ruffled vibrant purple and tie-dyed gown that Zoe Saldana wore to this year’s Oscars. When it comes to Couture, a designer would have to work hard to beat the designs of Givenchy.



Armani is another designer that captures the American way of living. The label, created by Georgio Armani is famous for its fabulously designed suits yet today celebrities insist on wearing Armani’s creations to events such as the Emmy’s, the Oscars’ and the Grammy’s. His sculptured designs were spotted on Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Salma Hyeck, proving that the Armani dress is created for real women with real curves. A good friend of Georgio Armani is Victoria Beckham who has been known to show up on the red carpet in one of the designer’s wonderful creations.


Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is a fun, flirty collection that captures a woman’s form perfectly. His latest collection for s/s11 was the epitome of 70′s glamour and can be spotted on celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Anne Hathaway, and Eva Mendes. Victoria Beckham is a huge fan and friend of Marc Jacobs and even posed in a carrier bag for his recent ad campaign, a little tongue-in-cheek humor to poke fun at Victoria’s obsession with shopping. A key piece from the MJ latest collection has to be the purple and maroon split to the thigh dress which screams seventies sexiness.


Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs not only designs for his own line he also produces a huge collection for Louis Vuitton, season after season. How does he get the time to do all this and still manage to create pieces that are original and unique? Louis Vuitton is famous more than anything for its logo handbags that throughout the nineties everybody wanted an LV adorned bag. This season however LV brought back the glamour of the fifties and clothes that celebrated the female form rather than hide it. This skirt and corset pictured have to be the most popular look from the catwalk for a/w 10 with celebrities such as Daisy Lowe, Alexa Chung, and Katie Holmes.


Alexander McQueen

Since his death earlier this year Alexander McQueens talent for designing has been celebrated all over the world. His vision and imagination was like no other designers. McQueen created not only pieces of fashion but pieces of art. For one collection he sent a model down the runway with a plain white dress on, and as she stood on a spinning floor a paint gun was sprayed at her to create a piece of fashion that was completely artistic and put a show together that wowed the fashion judges. This show is still talked about now. Celebrities that love McQueen include models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, Sarah Jessica Parker, and most recently Lady Gaga who wore some of his pieces to the MTV music awards including his 15 inch high shoes.



Karl Largerfeld, the key designer at Chanel, has to be crowned as the No.1 designer with his creation of Chanel suits and magnificent shows he puts on the season after season. Coco Chanel made the matching suit famous in monochrome, pink, and sorbet yellow, and every fashionista worth their weight in gold should own or be trying to own a 2.5 Chanel handbag. Most celebrities have worn Chanel down the carpet but big fans include Muse and singer Lily Allen, Alexa Chung, Diane Kruger, Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, and Beyonce. Key looks from this season are fur boots, a tweed suit, and white tights. Chanel seems to be only going better and is constantly breaking barriers including featuring plus-size model Crystal Renn in the recent s/s11 show when other designers are still behind the times and only use size 0 models. Long live Chanel.


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